Welcome to Poland! Relocation training

Training aims:

  • Learn specifics of Polish culture, its sources and practical implications
  • Learn how culture may affect business and personal relationships
  • Develop communication skills useful in co-operation with Polish partners
  • Become aware of cultural differences between own and Polish culture


Training flow:


Day 1



  • Introduction to the training, getting to know each other

  • Greetings – how do the Poles greet and meet? What to start a conversation with?

On values in multicultural co-operation

  • What is culture – models of iceberg and onion
  • What behaviors are considered culture- and individual-dependent
  • Dimensions of culture – what are the aspects of differences between cultures: approach to time, hierarchy, task vs. relationship
  • Comparing Poland and the home culture of participants on chosen dimensions
Made in Poland – some information on Poland and the Poles

  • What do we knowa about the Poles? What are they like? Quiz
  • General characteristics of Poland: hstory, the pepole, climate, geography, politics, religion
  • Historical influence on Polish behaviors, specifics of the people, body language, values
  • What attitude will be helpful in communication and co-operation?
Conflicts in co-operation with the Poles – how to avoid them?

  • What could be most irritating for me? What emotions do the Poles evoke in me? How to cope with them?
  • DIE model of M. Bennett – a useful method of assessing the situation without escalating the conflict
  • Critical incident – simulation in pairs
Wrap-up of the first training day

  • 3 helpful pieces of information I take with me:

– about myself,

– about Polish culture

– about co-operation with the Poles.

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